Erica Lundgren owner of Crack Seasoning

Crack Seasoning: The Origin Story

Like many obsessions, Crack Seasoning began with creative experimentation. I needed something versatile to liven up my mid-week meals, so I mixed some of my favorite spices in a jar and started sprinkling. To my delight, this delicious blend seemed to take all my savory dishes to the next level.

Each time the jar was empty (which was often), I would whip up a new batch by taste, never writing down the recipe. It wasn’t long before the whole neighborhood was hooked on this great-on-everything seasoning. Friends and family jokingly called it “Crack” because no one could get enough of it. Crack Popcorn, Crack Chicken, Crack’d Eggs and more all became crowd favorites.

For a gal who’s addicted to good food and good friends, Crack Seasoning’s ability to bring people together turned out to be what I loved most about it, and something well-worth passing along. After some cajoling from friends, I decided to perfect my recipe and share its goodness with the world.

Crafted in small batches in Morrison, Colorado, Crack Seasoning is now available in three flavors and can be purchased both locally and online. So, pick up a jar and sprinkle generously! I hope it adds as much flavor and happiness to your life as it has to mine. 

About Erica

Crack Seasoning’s creator, Erica Lundgren, lives with her husband, kids and dog in Morrison, Colorado, not far from Red Rocks Amphitheater.

When she’s not mixing up seasonings, she’s a labor doula who loves to cook for friends, listen to live music, and explore beautiful Colorado.